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--no-parser options

From: tim
Subject: --no-parser options
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 20:00:34 +1000

My suggestion is that until the option is fixed

a) The option produce a warning that it's ignored
b) The documentation should reflect that it doesn't work.

One suggestion that was made was that you can use an alternative
skeleton file. However this is problematic because the name given is
added to the default skeleton path (which may be in a directory that
only the sysadmin/root has access to). While on a given system one can
work around this limitation, the solution is not very portable. Example


If a distro decides to move the directory this will break. Hard to
maintain across time and distrobutions.

My suggestion is that 
c) If skeleton name given includes "/" or "\" it is assumed to be the
full pathname, otherwise it is assumed to be in the default directory.

Would you in principle accept a patch implementing the above? Do I need
to do anything to qualify to provide such a patch (which would be quite

Tim Josling

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