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%left MOD 305 : parse error, unexpected "integer"

From: Philippe De Muyter
Subject: %left MOD 305 : parse error, unexpected "integer"
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 11:56:25 +0200
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Hi bison-maintainers,

I try to use the current version of bison to compile qddb, a free software
package, on a current computer.  I had already compiled successfully, using
bison, the same qddb version on an older computer back in 1998 :)

The current version of bison fails, while the old one worked, on

        %left MOD 305

with :
        bison -dy /share/src/gnu/qddb-1.43p3/Lib/LibQddb/TableParse.y
        /share/src/gnu/qddb-1.43p3/Lib/LibQddb/TableParse.y:54.11-13: parse 
error, unexpected "integer"

Summary :
        bison 1.25 used to work
        bison 1.75 failed
        bison 2.3 fails

This seems like an old regression in bison

Thanks for reading so far


Philippe De Muyter  phdm at macqel dot be  Tel +32 27029044
Macq Electronique SA  rue de l'Aeronef 2  B-1140 Bruxelles  Fax +32 27029077

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