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no operator << taking semantic_type* in ostream library

From: Gaag, M van der - SPLXM
Subject: no operator << taking semantic_type* in ostream library
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 17:49:28 +0200

Hello GNU/Bison team,


First of all I would like to request to send all reactions after 31st of
July to my private email adress address@hidden as I will be leaving my
current employer on the 1st of August.


Compiling the xxx-parser.tab.cc under Unbreakable Linux (basically
RedHat with GCC 4.1.1) gives me the error operator<< not found in the
ostream library on statement debug_stream() << ( * yyvaluep ) as it has
no operator << on semantic_type*. This statement is executed when it
encounters an expression. 


Does eliminating this statement harm the parser in any way or just the
debugging output?


As this is generated code, is it possible to fix it?


I could not find many hits with Google on this specific problem. Is this
something general or did I run into a specific problem?



Thank you for your time.




Met vriendelijke groet / Kind Regards,

Martien van der Gaag


Oracle DBA 

k Information Systems

SPL/XM20 Database Management WebSystems


* address@hidden

* (+31 20 649) 85459

     +31 (0)6 2080 5061



"James recommends Dual-Core."





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