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Re: A bit more info about hanging bison on tru64 5.1b

From: Didier Godefroy
Subject: Re: A bit more info about hanging bison on tru64 5.1b
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 11:09:03 +0200
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on 7/1/09 10:03 AM, Akim Demaille at address@hidden uttered the

>> It's probably all linked. I had the problem with flex and gcc giving
>> me
>> similar issues..
> So I guess our problem is somewhere with lib/subpipe.[ch] or something
> like this.  I suppose we should replace it with something equivalent
> in gnulib, as it is better maintained (at a first glance pipe.[ch]
> seems to be what we need).  If someone wants to do it, please be our
> guest :)  I'll have a look at it, but probably not very soon.

One thing to remember, my system isn't gnulib based (tru64).

I was able to update m4 to the latest and it self tested fine.
How can I track exactly on what it's hanging???


Didier Godefroy
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