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Re: Bison Parser to create MT-safe code like Lemon Parser

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bison Parser to create MT-safe code like Lemon Parser
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 12:49:32 +0200

Le 6 juil. 09 à 12:12, vivekanandan r a écrit :



      I am
thankful towards all the GNU Bison developer team.  I have been
immensely   benefited by Bison and am very grateful for it.

Thanks for saying!

I have a
suggestion and would like to share it with you here.

Parser generated by bison should be MT (MultiThread)-safe :

   Lemon Parser
 generated code is re-entrant and MT-Safe which attracts
 Bison   users like me to move to Lemon. ex: PHP.

Can you tell me more about that? What makes you think our parsers are not thread-safe? Which parsers are you using? Yacc-like parsers? Then of course, they are not, but if you use sane interface (look for "pure" in the documentation), I don't see why the parser would not be thread-safe.

Hence we have to add custom option to generate lemon based parser code which will be more useful for all. I have just implemented VCG Graph for the Lemon
Parser(code: http://www.gnudeveloper.com/software/lemon/lemon.c)..
And  I am now interested in implementing this feature in Bison.

I'm not sure I understand what we you mean here. Do you mean you wrote a grammar for VCG using Lemon? Do you mean you generate a VCG graph from the grammar? In the latter case we've had this feature for years in Bison, and actually today we target Dot instead of VCG.

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