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Re: Detecting (g)m4

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Detecting (g)m4
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:23:38 +0200

On 16 Jul 2009, at 09:20, Akim Demaille wrote:

Maybe not quite a bug, and maybe not your fault, but configure
apparently picks the first program called "gm4" in my path, >not<
the first appropriate m4 or gm4.

You are right, of course. But it's more efforts to look for the "best" m4 around, so improvements, unless contributed by some devoted user (read my mind ;), are unlikely to be made soon. Especially because I see no existing Autoconf macro to address this issue. Maybe Autoconf itself has one (after all it is probably the most demanding M4 application).

This was discussed with a bug long time ago. It think may have been changed. So make sure that Autoconf is up-to-date.


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