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Re: Detecting (g)m4

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Detecting (g)m4
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 23:46:13 +0200

[Please keep the cc to the list so that others know and can help.]

M4 and some other components were enhanced in the face of bugs and problems in the context of Bison, but Bison will still work without them, it seems.


On 16 Jul 2009, at 20:12, A Braunsdorf wrote:

In message <address@hidden>, Hans Aberg writes

This was discussed with a bug long time ago. It think may have been
changed. So make sure that Autoconf is up-to-date.

I made sure my autoconf was up-to-date and did an autoreconf -f.
Still isn't right.

Do you know which version of m4 is the lowest that works?  I could
write a macro that checks the m4 version and pitch it to the autoconf


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