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Re: Not a c-format in localized msgid

From: Jorma Karvonen
Subject: Re: Not a c-format in localized msgid
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 18:38:16 +0200

2010/2/24 Joel E. Denny <address@hidden>:
> On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, Jorma Karvonen wrote:
>> it looks like the problem was not so simple that I had supposed. But I
>> had this correct (no fuzzy) in the previous bison version:
>> http://translationproject.org/PO-files/fi/bison-2.4.1a.fi.po
>> #: src/reader.c:134 src/symtab.c:141 src/symtab.c:149 src/symtab.c:912
>> #: src/symtab.c:925 src/symtab.c:938 src/symtab.c:951
>> #, c-format
>> msgid "previous declaration"
>> msgstr "edellinen esittely"
> This says "previous declaration".  In your previous email, you said
> "previous definition".  Is this the source of the confusion?
Yes, that is reason. It was my mistake to notice, that this "previous
definition" was a new msgid for this .pot file and when a new .fi.po
file was generated, that msgstr from "previous declaration" was copied
to this new msgstr. And because definition and declaration are so near
each other (in Finnish), I did not notice that there was a duplicate
msgstr in this new translation. Mark "fuzzy" was inserted to alarm me
as a translator about it, but I missed that and supposed that it was
marked fuzzy because of "c-format", though there were not any c-format
in that string.

I will send a new fixed translation to the translation robot.

I'm sorry, my mistake, you can mark this bug solved.

Best regards,

Jorma Karvonen

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