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Re: Useless conflict in bison 2.4.2, while 2.3 is happy

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: Useless conflict in bison 2.4.2, while 2.3 is happy
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 02:32:26 +0200
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Wilson Snyder wrote:

> I have a grammar which was working (I thought) for bison
> 2.3. Or, at least it is in production use, and has no bison
> errors :).
> When I compile this grammar with bison 2.4.2, I get the
> following:
>   Rules useless in parser due to conflicts
>     560 senitemEdge: "posedge" expr "iff" expr
>     562            | "negedge" expr "iff" expr
>     564            | "edge" expr "iff" expr
> The grammar is 200KB, and shrinking it seems to make it work
> (sorry), so to reproduce this:
>   wget http://www.veripool.org/ftp/VParseBison_pretmp.y
>   bison --version
>      bison (GNU Bison) 2.4.2  
>   bison -t -d -k -v --report=itemset --report=lookahead \
>        -p VParseBison -b VParseBison_pretmp \
>        -o VParseBison_pretmp.c VParseBison_pretmp.y
> In 2.4.2 the conflict seems to be against the rules 
>   1060 ev_expr: senitemEdge
>   1061        | ev_expr "iff" expr

> However that doesn't make sense to me because while ev_expr
> has most of the rules present in expr, expr doesn't include
> the rules in ev_expr. Thus once "posedge" is parsed I'd
> expect the "iff" term should only be found under the
> senitemEdge rule, or other rules that shouldn't match
> either.

I don't really understand what you mean in the first sentence.
Anyway, you declare yIFF with a lower priority than yPOSEDGE, so
'"posedge" expr' before "iff" will reduce, so 560 never applies.


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Systemprogrammierung, EDV-Beratung
Stubenlohstr. 6, 91052 Erlangen, Deutschland
Tel.: +49-9131-21359

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