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Re: warning flags in 2.4.1

From: George Neuner
Subject: Re: warning flags in 2.4.1
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:04:38 -0400

At 08:50 PM 8/4/2010, Joel E. Denny wrote:

George wrote:
> > Also on page 114, the manual says "--warnings=none" or "-Wnone" should
> > suppress all warnings. This does not work. Grammar warnings, if any, are
> > generated regardless of this setting.
> Thanks for mentioning that.  I hadn't noticed it before, and I agree it is
> confusing.  I think the idea was that -Wnone (or --warnings=none) simply
> disables all warnings that can be enabled by the other -W options.  It's
> not clear to me if the documentation or the behavior needs to be fixed
> here.

Any opinions on this from anyone?

If we decide that -Wnone should affect all warnings, then we probably need
to add some kind of -Wother option for all warnings that do not have their
own -W option.  The documentation should make it clear that we might later
move warnings from -Wother to new, more specific -W options.

Regardless of which functionality we pick for -Wnone, it probably should
not affect -Werror.  Currently, it disables it.  Even if we decide that
-Wnone should disable all warnings, it still should not affect -Werror in
the following case:

  bison -Werror -Wnone -Wyacc parser.y

That is, POSIX Yacc warnings would be the only warnings and would be
treated as errors.

I think the real issue is the interpretation of the -W flags and the documentation.

Generally when I see something that says "-Wblah warns of blah blah ...", I assume that I will not get those warnings unless I specify that flag. By that interpretation only one of -Wblah or -Wno-blah should be necessary and -Wnone is superfluous if all it does it suppress other named -W warnings.

The only real use case I see for -Wnone is to force a clean build from a grammar that has known warnings ... some companies have a policy about clean test/release builds and the person doing the build isn't always the developer. But it is normal to have different flags for different types of builds so I don't see a problem with making -Wnone incompatible with other -W flags.


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