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Bison GPL exception in the manual

From: Francois Marier
Subject: Bison GPL exception in the manual
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 14:03:35 +1300


I'd like to suggest that you include in the Bison manual a copy of the GPL
exception you talk about in "Conditions for Using Bison":


I was hoping to use your GPL exception as a model for other people to use,
but it's a bit hard when we have to tell them to download the latest tarball
first and then look at the top of one of the .cc files in the examples/

So I would suggest that you add this paragraph to the manual:

/* As a special exception, you may create a larger work that contains
part or all of the Bison parser skeleton and distribute that work
under terms of your choice, so long as that work isn't itself a
parser generator using the skeleton or a modified version thereof
as a parser skeleton. Alternatively, if you modify or redistribute
the parser skeleton itself, you may (at your option) remove this
special exception, which will cause the skeleton and the resulting
Bison output files to be licensed under the GNU General Public
License without this special exception.

This special exception was added by the Free Software Foundation in
version 2.2 of Bison. */


Francois, licensing volunteer for the FSF

Francois Marier                         identi.ca/fmarier
http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz          twitter.com/fmarier

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