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Re: "make check" failure in public-submodule-commit

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: "make check" failure in public-submodule-commit
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 20:37:53 +0100

Le 19 nov. 2012 à 15:21, Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden> a écrit :

> No, the error is still there (with git
> But then, I've also verified that the error is present with Git
> (installed through Debian packages):
>  $ PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH make public-submodule-commit
>  GEN      public-submodule-commit
>  fatal: Not a valid object name origin
>  /usr/lib/git-core/git-submodule: line 354: test: 
> daf7f8c02242c535d596231e2f655109b97fa2bc: unary operator expected
>  Stopping at 'gnulib'; script returned non-zero status.
>  maint.mk: found non-public submodule commit
>  make: *** [public-submodule-commit] Error 1
> In addition, the 'public-submodule-commit' recipe runs successfully
> for other GNU packages (like cppi), even if I use the bleeding-edge
> Git.  So the problem must actually be in Bison.

Hi Stefano,

But we still don't have enough data to try to guess what is wrong.  Could you 
try to run git-submodule with -x? Or at least send what the line 445 (or 354) 
is in your case? It does not make sense in Théophile's version of git (and I 
can't check currently).

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