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Re: bootstrap: error with Croatian translation

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: bootstrap: error with Croatian translation
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 18:49:22 +0100

[re-adding the bug-bison list]

On 12/21/2012 04:05 PM, Tomislav Krznar wrote:
> 21. prosinca 2012. 14:50 korisnik Stefano Lattarini
> <address@hidden> napisao je:
>> [re-adding the bug-bison list]
>> On 12/20/2012 02:49 PM, Tomislav Krznar wrote:
>>> 2012/12/19 Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden>:
>>>> On 12/19/2012 09:24 AM, Tomislav Krznar wrote:
>>>>> 2012/12/14 Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden>:
>>>>>> FYI: I'm still seeing this error when bootstrapping from master:
>>>>>>   ...
>>>>>>   rm -f hr.gmo && /usr/bin/msgfmt -c --statistics --verbose -o hr.gmo 
>>>>>> hr.po
>>>>>>   hr.po:8: nplurals = 3...
>>>>>>   hr.po:85: ...but some messages have only 2 plural forms
>>>>>>   /usr/bin/msgfmt: found 1 fatal error
>>>>>>   hr.po: 187 translated messages, 13 fuzzy translations, 3 untranslated 
>>>>>> messages.
>>>>>>   Makefile:173: recipe for target 'hr.gmo' failed
>>>>>>   make[3]: *** [hr.gmo] Error 1
>>>>>>   make[3]: Leaving directory '/devel/bleeding/src/bison/po'
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>   Stefano
>>>>> Are you still having problems? I have updated translation few days ago.
>>>> Yes, I still see the same error.  Could you maybe try bootstrapping Bison
>>>> from a pristine git checkout, and see whether you manage to reproduce the
>>>> issue?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>>   Stefano
>>> I have sucessfully managed to reproduce the issue. I don't know why
>>> this happens, but the file "hr.po" gets replaced with older version
>>> which has errors. However, in the "po" subdirectory you can find file
>>> named "hr.po~". I copied it over the file "hr.po" and make didn't
>>> return any errors. You can try that and tell me if it works.
>> I can confirm this workaround works for me as well.  I copy below the
>> diffs between 'po/hr.po~' and 'po/hr.po', in the hope that will help
>> shedding some further light on the issue.
>> Thanks,
>>   Stefano
> Hi, Stefano.
> I was looking through the diff and I found that the problem was with
> old (unused) translations that had only two plural forms. And when
> msgmerge is called during compilation, it produced file with errors. I
> have fixed those strings and reuploaded them, so there should be no
> more problems.
Indeed, the issue I was seeing has disappeared.


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