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Few bison issues

From: daniel
Subject: Few bison issues
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2013 11:59:58 +0100
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I found few issues in bison:
1. yy::position::columns() will give incorrect result when column + count < 0, because it operates on unsigned values. This was broken when this method was changed to use std::max(). You can fix this by casting column to int type. 2. position.hh/location.hh/stack.hh files contains few #line directives, which are not necessary. Additionally they are confusing the gcov/lcov tools when these files are moved elsewhere after they are generated. Please remove these directives. 3. In my project I switched from std::string* to boost::shared_ptr<const std::string> type for storing filename in yy::position class. In order to do this I use custom position.hh file. I think it may be good to modify bison code so it will allow to provide type which will be used for storing filenames.


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