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Index used before checking in Bison generated code.

From: Tim Deegan
Subject: Index used before checking in Bison generated code.
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 19:06:38 +0100
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In parsers generated by Bison, the function yysyntax_error() uses its
yytoken argument to dereference an array before later testing whether
it's equal to YYEMPTY (a.k.a. -2):

yysyntax_error (YYSIZE_T *yymsg_alloc, char **yymsg,
                yytype_int16 *yyesa, yytype_int16 **yyes,
                YYSIZE_T *yyes_capacity, yytype_int16 *yyssp, int yytoken)
  YYSIZE_T yysize0 = yytnamerr (YY_NULL, yytname[yytoken]);


  if (yytoken != YYEMPTY)

If yytoken can be == YYEMPTY when this is called, it will underflow the
yytname[] array in the initialier for yysize0.  The immediate callers of
yysyntax_error() seem to allow for the possibility that yytoken ==
YYEMPTY, but I haven't dug any deeper.

I found this using STACK (http://css.csail.mit.edu/stack/) to scan
another project that uses Bison to generate its parsers, but the
generated code can be seen in the Bison sources themselves, as

I used Bison 2.5 (as shipped in debian wheezy), and also today's master
branch (a7280757105b2909f6a58fdd1c582de8e278319a), on x86_64 debian
wheezy on linux 3.2.35.



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