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compiling bison-3.0 on AIX 5.3

From: Michael Felt
Subject: compiling bison-3.0 on AIX 5.3
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 15:43:37 +0200

The make (also using gmake) command for bison 2.7.1 works fine, however the
same configure statement, followed by make gives the following error:

make -d outout: tail

Suff_FindDeps (./examples/extexi)
        No known suffix on ./examples/extexi. Using .NULL suffix.
./examples/extexi:@ = ./examples/extexi
./examples/extexi:* = ./examples/extexi
./examples/extexi:< =
got it.
Caching 15:30:10.000000000 Apr 9, 2013 for ./examples/extexi
./examples/extexi:@ = ./examples/extexi
./examples/extexi:* = ./examples/extexi
Examining ./examples/extexi...Using cached time for 15:30:10.000000000 Apr
9, 2013 for ./examples/extexi
modified 15:30:10.000000000 Apr 9, 2013...up-to-date.
Examining examples/extracted.stamp...non-existent...modified before
examples/extracted.stamp:> = ./doc/bison.texi
examples/extracted.stamp:? = ./doc/bison.texi
examples/extracted.stamp:> = ./doc/bison.texi ./examples/extexi
examples/extracted.stamp:? = ./doc/bison.texi ./examples/extexi
  GEN      examples/extracted.stamp
Unrecognized switch: -f  (-h will show valid options).
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 255.

Willing to test, but I have no clue where this is coming from, nor why.

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