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location.hh position.hh files generated with %location directive

From: Arthur Schwarz
Subject: location.hh position.hh files generated with %location directive
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 15:46:37 -0800 (PST)

Bison 2.7.1
Win 7
Manual 3.0

Section 10.1.1 page 157
      The definition of the classes position and location, used for location
      tracking when enabled. These files are not generated if the 

      %define variable api.location.type is defined. See Section 10.1.3 

      [C++ Location Values],page 159.

Location tracking is not enabled, the files are still generated. Is this an 
issue with Bison 3.0 or is it just local to Bison 2.7.1?

Let me suggest alternate wording:
    These files are generated by Bison when the %location directive
    enabling location and position tracking is in the input Bison
    grammar file. If the %define api.location.type {type} directive
    (or %define api.location.type {class}?) directive is include
    then these files are not generated. In this case the (class?)
    or structure required to support location tracking is specified
    by the user.

If the files are always generated, as shown in the example, then whatever 
description is provided should specify what use the files have when the 
%location directive is not present.

Whether the suggested alternate wording is accepted or not accepted, the 
specification of the directive as "%define variable api.location.type" is 
incorrect and should be changed to "%define api.location.type".


--- Input Bison Grammar File
%language "C++"
%start start
%token <int> TOKEN
%defines              // error message if not included
start : start '+' TOKEN
      | TOKEN

--- Generated files

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