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Manual changes for api.prefix

From: Arthur Schwarz
Subject: Manual changes for api.prefix
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:47:55 -0800

Section 3.7.13 page 87

    %define api.prefix {prefix} should be %define api.prefix prefix
    Language C yy strings renamed
    Language C++ namespaces in *.hh and *.cc renamed. yy strings unaffected.

    Language Java can't get the fool thing to work.

Section 3.8 page 94 
   yytokentype missing from the enumeration.

I believe that 3.8 Multiple Parsers in Same Program only affects C and Java
and C++ differently. Most particularly in C++ and Java multiple instances of
the same parser need no additional support, whereas in C they do. And in all
the languages multiple different parsers need renaming, hence api.prefix,
and should be separately mentioned. The title should reflect this

Sample code

--- code ---

%language "C++"
//%define api.position.type Class
%define api.prefix calc
%start start
%token <int> TOKEN
%defines              // error message if not included
start : start '+' TOKEN { int a = @3.line; }
      | TOKEN

--- end code ---

commands used to ferret changes:

grep calc *.hh *.cc | sort -fu

files attached with changes


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