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Hello, a question on Bison build.

From: Fang Liu
Subject: Hello, a question on Bison build.
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 11:04:06 +0100


I in fact doing  part of some support  to provide tool built such as  Bison to 
other team. I need to download its source and build it local, then install 
etc... but problem is that, after we build it(lib/bin ..), the user of it need 
to use it at otherswhere(rather than the same host than us).
I notice that, at the build/install for Bison, we need specify the datarootdir 
etc for the .configure file. which provide an absolut path into the build and 
which used later in binary of Bison. (dir inside 'Share' for instance).
But since this path in build we specified would be different from the 
people(user)'s host's real dir. And it rsync later to other ppl's pc, Then this 
path would not work for them.
My question is that, is it possible  to specify a relatif path while 
compile/install Bison,(for example relatif to Bison binary or other working 
dir). So this could be more flexible in the user side later? if else we have to 
provide the same dir structure exact as the built one.

Could you provide some suggestion or if there are already some solution? Thanks 
in advance.

Happy Christmas to you!


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