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Re: Problem with multiple parsers

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Problem with multiple parsers
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 15:31:14 +0100

> Le 30 janv. 2015 à 15:21, Laurence Finston <address@hidden> a écrit :
> Hello,
>> yes, that would be nice.  Or if you have a tarball we could
>> have a look at.
> My current project is for my work and I'm not allowed to publish any code.  
> However, I used three scanner/parser pairs in a recent project for my 
> previous job and it can be downloaded from Github:  
> https://github.com/gwdg/gwrdifpk
>> Yes, but is this really what you want?  You are giving
>> credential blindly to any scanner.  Shouldn't you just
>> pinpoint to the one you actually use?
> No, it's definitely not what I want.  I would rather have a friend 
> declaration for each one and I'd like the types of *STYPE and *LTYPE 
> arguments to be completely distinct and not have typedefs or #defines making 
> one a synonym of another.

So really, api.prefix is what you want.

> This friend declaration is in the declaration for the class that I use for 
> the parameter that I pass to each of the scanners and parsers, so it is 
> desirable for all of the scanner and parser functions to be its "friends".  
>> So far, so good.  You are mixing together different entities
>> with the same name, that's risky business.  So far, I consider
>> the api.prefix approach better.
> I would prefer it, too, if I could get it to work.  The problem seems to be 
> that Bison and Flex use the prefix for some but not all of the typenames, 
> variables, macros, functions, and whatever else they define.

You're problem is probably that you expect YY* symbols to be
automatically renamed, which is not the case.  Bison outputs
prefixed names, e.g. PREFIXSTYPE.  It does not output YYSTYPE
and a macro to rename YYSTYPE as PREFIXSTYPE.

So you should stop using YYSTYPE and the like, and really use
PREFIXSTYPE in your code.

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