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Production rules don't have the default action

From: Eduardo Madrid
Subject: Production rules don't have the default action
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 00:02:08 +0000

On Bison's manual:


It states that

?If you don't specify an action for a rule, Bison supplies a default: $$ = $1

However, the attached grammar does not initialize $$ to $1 on the rule in line 

recursion_1: reduction_by_2 // should have default $$ = $1

The program writes 'Top 0' instead of Top 7.

If the default action is put explicitly { $$ = $1 } then it does.

I detected the problem after arduous debugging of a large grammar that was 
converted from using plain C and distilled to a small example, it seems a 
reduction of 1 symbol works, but not reductions of two or more.

There is no mention in the documentation that I have found of cases in which 
the default action for non-empty rules is not issued.

To replicate: bison vb.y && g++ vb.tab.c


Thanks in advance for considering this bug.

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