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Please allow changing of stack.hh name

From: Askar Safin
Subject: Please allow changing of stack.hh name
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2016 20:24:08 +0300

Hi. It seems that it is not possible to change name of stack.hh (output of 
bison in c++ mode). (Right?) This can be bad in situation where I have two 

I have two C++ parsers which link together. So, they use different C++ 
namespace. So, this namespace name is leaked to stack.hh. So, two bison calls 
generate two different stack.hh files. So, I have to somehow handle this and so 
I use the following Makefile:

atstr-parser.tab.cpp atstr-parser.tab.hpp atstr-stack.hh: atstr-parser.ypp
        /opt/bison-3.0.3/bin/bison -do atstr-parser.tab.cpp atstr-parser.ypp && 
mv stack.hh atstr-stack.hh || rm -f stack.hh

json-parser.tab.cpp json-parser.tab.hpp json-stack.hh: json-parser.ypp
        /opt/bison-3.0.3/bin/bison -do json-parser.tab.cpp json-parser.ypp && 
mv stack.hh json-stack.hh || rm -f stack.hh

stack.hh: atstr-stack.hh json-stack.hh
        cat atstr-stack.hh json-stack.hh > stack.hh

atstr-lex.yy.o: atstr-lex.yy.cpp ats.hpp atstr-parser.tab.hpp stack.hh 
        $(PP_CXX) -c atstr-lex.yy.cpp

atstr-parser.tab.o: atstr-parser.tab.cpp atstr-parser.tab.hpp stack.hh ats.hpp 
        $(PP_CXX) -c atstr-parser.tab.cpp

json-lex.yy.o: json-lex.yy.cpp ats.hpp json-parser.tab.hpp stack.hh 
        $(PP_CXX) -c json-lex.yy.cpp

json-parser.tab.o: json-parser.tab.cpp json-parser.tab.hpp stack.hh ats.hpp 
        $(PP_CXX) -c json-parser.tab.cpp

I am not sure this Makefile will always work (can it give me "stack.hh: file 
not found" message?). Also, it seems this Makefile will not work in case of 
parallel build.
So, I think you should allow user to supply different name to stack.hh. There 
are another solutions, of course. For example, make stack.hh to be always same 
(I think this is bad idea). Or just make stack.hh not to be not generated. I. 
e. just include it contents to some other generated file/files. I think this is 
good idea, this would simplify using bison.
Askar Safin

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