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Bug in documentation for 3.0.4

From: Gabriel Czernikier
Subject: Bug in documentation for 3.0.4
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 17:55:22 -0300


I find the section Mid-Rule Action Translation being a bit
confusing, for what I raise this bug report.

As I understand per the first paragraph, the goal of this section is to
show how mid-rule translation works, and the output of one or more Bison
reports revealing the structural grammar changes due to that translation.

The next lines of text, give examples of grammars containing mid-rules and
the translations that take place on them, which ultimately works for the
sake of the lesson taught by this section.

The last example, by its own side, is intended to show tne outcomes of a
mid-rule that refers to an unused $$, and a final (last component) rule
that refer to a mid-rule without $$ asingment. Although, this goal is well
achieved, a reader could get confused expecting the output reveal the
translations about which were taken up in prior paragraphs.

The documentation should give one example that shows how the report of
Bison's output features alterations in the actual grammar. Or else, it
should make an statement that both given cases, the one with the grammar
translations and the one with the Bison invocation, are unrelated to each

Gabriel Czernikier

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