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Re: syntax_error constructor is declared inline

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: syntax_error constructor is declared inline
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 22:26:02 +0100

Hans Åberg wrote:

> > I don't particularly like those extra headers (see my mail in the
> > other thread "Generated headers"), but for now I don't want to
> > change more than necessary.
> They conflict if using multiple parsers with different namespaces. 

Indeed (see my other mail).

> > But I generally agree that fewer options are necessary due to more
> > features of C++. In particular, in my C++17 version, I had to
> > disable "%printer" for variants and "%destructor" (with and without
> > variants) in favour of standard C++ overloading. This was also a
> > consequence of the problems with type overrides (e.g. in mid-rule
> > actions).
> Those were written for C. If one can always use C++ features, that is better.

Sure. And with std::variant, they're not just better in an abstract
way, but very concretely as type overrides (required in mid-rules
actions with values) simply didn't work with the old variant.


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