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Re: The tname translations and UTF-8

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: The tname translations and UTF-8
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 14:55:01 +0200

> On 24 Mar 2018, at 22:10, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hans Åberg wrote:
>> Might it possible to get an option
> Sounds like a reasonable option to me, if someone wants to write and document 
> it.

It actually looks like a bug, translating into C escape strings twice:

The first time is in parse-gram.y, in the rule
      $$ = symbol_get (quotearg_style (c_quoting_style, $1), @1);
      symbol_class_set ($$, token_sym, @1, false);

The second time is, as noted before, in 'prepare_symbols', output.c, the lines
    set_quoting_style (qo, c_quoting_style);
    set_quoting_flags (qo, QA_SPLIT_TRIGRAPHS);

Both are needed: removing any, will cause the .cc code to not compile due to 
some symbols. Also, trigraphs are removed from C++17.

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