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Re: Problem with new version of bison's code

From: Rici Lake
Subject: Re: Problem with new version of bison's code
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018 11:07:58 -0500

This is really a problem in kannel, not in bison. Kannel's bison source
file uses a feature which has been deprecated since 2003. Support for this
feature was removed with the bison 3.0 release.

There's a bug in the kannel bug tracker dating from 2014, which includes a
description of the problem but no good workaround other than using an
obsolete bison version. I updated the bug with a description of the
solution and a patch file which can be applied to the 1.4.5 release to
allow the use of bison v3. (The patch does not affect the use of older
bison versions; I tested it with almost all versions since v2.2.)

I hope that you will find that useful.


2018-08-17 3:29 GMT-05:00 <address@hidden>:

> Hello developers of the project "bison"! The task following: There is OS
> Tsentos and sets the Kannel (SMS gateway: https://www.kannel.org/). When
> you install (yum groupinstall "Development tools") "Development tools"
> installed bison version 3.0.4 (bison.x86_64 3.0.4-1.el7 @base). When
> compiling the Kannel, an error occurs:
> In file included from wmlscript/wslexer.c:72:0:
> y.tab.h:264:5: error: conflicting types for ‘ws_yy_parse’
> In file included from wmlscript/wslexer.c:70:0:
> wmlscript/wsint.h:296:5: note: previous declaration of ‘ws_yy_parse’ was
> here
>  int ws_yy_parse(void *context);
>      ^
> make: *** [wmlscript/wslexer.o] Error 1
> and all sources
> (
> http://kannel.6189.n7.nabble.com/Make-ERROR-in-Revision-
> 5141-amp-with-Stable-Release-1-4-4-td31254.html
> https://www.kannel.org/pipermail/users/2014-August/021422.html
> http://kannel.6189.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-Kannel-1-4-4-
> stable-release-available-td30415.html
> )
> refer to the fact that if you install version 2.5 instead of 3.0.4, then
> the problem is solved. I don't want to use bother this way because the
> installation will have to be repeated many times.  And the question
> arises, how can this problem be solved! Thanks in advance
> Sincerely,
> Tursunov Jamshid Asadullaevich
> The Engineer of the Department of Monitoring and Administration
> T: 0 436 227-7698 | M: +998 93 521-7698 | E: address@hidden
> Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Combinat (NMMC)
> Address: Str. 27 Navoi, Navoi, Uzbekistan, 210100

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