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Re: [3.0.4] Request: please revive the deleted arrays yyrhs and yyprhs

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [3.0.4] Request: please revive the deleted arrays yyrhs and yyprhs
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 08:23:16 +0200


Is this still a problem for you?  Could you tell us a bit more
about what you do with these two tables?


> Le 1 nov. 2016 à 01:42, address@hidden a écrit :
>  Hello,
>  Our system is utilizing GNU Bison in Cygwin in yacc mode (by -y) in 
> busuness. 
>  Thank you for your maintaining Bison and correcting original miss comments, 
> arranging obsolete compile options, etc. 
>  In bison 2.x.x, the arrays 
>     yyrhs and yyprhs 
> in the file
>     y.tab.c
> is very useful, so our program depends on them in real business.
>  The other day, we updated Cygwn environment and found that 
> the array variables yyrhs and yyprhs disappeared in bison 3.0.2 and 3.0.4,
> and that bison 2.x.x is no longer existing in the Cygwin ftp directory list. 
> (An 2.7.1 binary for Cygwin was found at a certain ftp site, but it did not 
> work in the current Cygin environment. )
> (The Bison command line option -t (or --debug) did not bring effect as this 
> point. )
>  Though the two variables might have be written only for debugging by the 
> original developer, but we need them every day in the form of 
> machine-reading. 
>  So, we are now very puzzled whether we should develop and maintain a program 
> code to make the two variable values correctly from the rest information in 
> the file. But, it could be very difficult, because of the complex related 
> functions and the troublesome (about 251) bias of yytype, we found after some 
> trial. 
>  If you could revive the variable in the next version Bison soon and inform 
> us via this mailing-list, we would be very happy. 
>  Thank you in advance.
> --
>  box12009

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