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Re[2]: I need simpler examples (was: RE: Enhancement request: enabling V

From: Askar Safin
Subject: Re[2]: I need simpler examples (was: RE: Enhancement request: enabling Variant in C parsers)
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2018 19:06:09 +0300

Hi, Akim.

>So I still believe the documentation, with rpcalc and mfcalc are the simple 
>examples you are asking for, and then the flex example (in examples/c, not in 
>the documentation) should be good starting points, with locations.
What examples/c you are talking about? I don't see "c" directory here: 
http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/bison.git/tree/examples .

>You are right.  I have to find where exactly.  Suggestions welcome.
To the end of "2. Examples". Even if you don't find good way to add to docs, at 
least, please add to "11. Frequently Asked Questions".

>You didn't specify %require "3.2", so you still have stack.hh
This is minor problem. What if user has old version of Bison? My Debian Stretch 
has 3.0.4 (and I use specially created Debian Testing chroot if I want Bison 

>What's the point of lex.yy.hh?
Oops, this is a bug. We don't need it.

>It's an ongoing effort.  If you look the history of the examples you'll see 
>that they are getting Makefiles and READMEs.  In particular calc++ has its 
>Makefile, so your comment is quite inaccurate.
Oops, again my fault. Also, Debian version of Bison doesn't have this Makefile. 
I mean that package "bison-doc 1:3.2.2-1" has dir 
/usr/share/doc/bison-doc/examples/calc++ and it has no Makefile. This is their 
bug, of course

Askar Safin

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