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bison produces an output which causes gcc to hang

From: todd freed
Subject: bison produces an output which causes gcc to hang
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 21:14:32 -0700


I have found a bug in the gcc preprocessor which causes gcc to hang.
The smallest input to gcc which causes this hang is,

#line 1 "/dev/stdout"
#def xy

The bug report to gcc is here,

bison will produce such an output when invoked like,

bison -o /dev/stdout parser.y

I hesitate to even file a bug report with bison, except that it seems
to be a regression. That is, recent version(s) of bison produce such
an output, but I have used bison in this fashion for years without a
problem. I believe this is a recent behavior change in bison.

I tried to build bison from historical tags (v3.0 and v3.2) to check
the previous behavior, but was not able to produce a binary that
worked on my system.



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