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Re: (non)Use of C++ 11 constructs in skeleton

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: (non)Use of C++ 11 constructs in skeleton
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 18:09:52 +0200

> Le 19 mai 2019 à 14:34, Hans Åberg <address@hidden> a écrit :
>> I'll revert that for 3.4.1 then…
> You must choose what you feel is best.

With regards to C++, I have no doubt, as proved by Frank's pointer.  I 
installed this:

commit 49aae94bedbc2ffad90a3a9a3d9433a98e82f84b
Author: Akim Demaille <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun May 19 13:52:01 2019 +0200

    fix: copyable instead of copiable
    Reported by Frank Heckenbach.
    * data/skeletons/lalr1.cc, doc/bison.texi: here.

diff --git a/data/skeletons/lalr1.cc b/data/skeletons/lalr1.cc
index 522e5471..ef5d76f5 100644
--- a/data/skeletons/lalr1.cc
+++ b/data/skeletons/lalr1.cc
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ m4_define([b4_shared_declarations],
-    /// This class is not copiable.
+    /// This class is not copyable.
     ]b4_parser_class[ (const ]b4_parser_class[&);
     ]b4_parser_class[& operator= (const ]b4_parser_class[&);
diff --git a/doc/bison.texi b/doc/bison.texi
index b200c5f7..541e6d44 100644
--- a/doc/bison.texi
+++ b/doc/bison.texi
@@ -11568,7 +11568,7 @@ Instead of using the built-in types you may use the 
@code{%define} variable
 The requirements over your @var{LocationType} are:
-it must be copiable;
+it must be copyable;
 in order to compute the (default) value of @code{@@$} in a reduction, the
@@ -11578,7 +11578,7 @@ parser basically runs
 @@$.end   = @@@var{N}.end; // The location of last right-hand side symbol.
 @end example
-so there must be copiable @code{begin} and @code{end} members;
+so there must be copyable @code{begin} and @code{end} members;
 alternatively you may redefine the computation of the default location, in
@@ -14504,7 +14504,7 @@ London, Department of Computer Science, TR-00-12 
(December 2000).
 @c LocalWords: Beazley's goyacc ocamlyacc SIGACT SIGPLAN colorWarning
 @c LocalWords: setcolor rgbError colorError rgbNotice colorNotice derror
 @c LocalWords: colorOff maincolor inlineraw darkviolet darkcyan dwarning
address@hidden LocalWords: dnotice copiable
address@hidden LocalWords: dnotice copyable
 @c Local Variables:
 @c ispell-dictionary: "american"

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