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Re: GLR Parsers in Java

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: GLR Parsers in Java
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 20:24:30 +0200


> Le 8 juin 2019 à 16:36, Wojciech Daniło <address@hidden> a écrit :
> Hi! I'd love to ask if you plan to support GLR parsing in Java.

So don't hesitate, ask!  ;)

> Being
> limited to LR is bad, especially as GLR is such powerful machinery. In
> fact, based on the statement "support for Java" across the docs/websites, I
> feel that lack of GLR support should be considered a bug.

Well, it's definitely a missing feature.  And contributors are most welcome :)
Would you like to develop a GLR backend for Java?  We can provide guidance.

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