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Re: Bison 3.4.1 problem during make (makeinfo: unrecognized option)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bison 3.4.1 problem during make (makeinfo: unrecognized option)
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2019 18:51:25 +0200

Hi Simon,

> Le 23 août 2019 à 07:02, Simon Sobisch <address@hidden> a écrit :
>   I just tested to build Bison 3.4.1 in some environments, one broke
>   during make:
>     MAKEINFO ../doc/bison.info
>   makeinfo: unrecognized option
>   `--set-customization-variable=SECTION_NAME_IN_TITLE=true'
>   I suggest to check during configure if this option is available and
>   substitute that to the makefile - otherwise leave it out.

Actually makeinfo is a maintainer requirement: bison.info is
shipped up to date, and makeinfo should not be run on the user

>   The "obvious" work-around `touch ../doc/bison.info` lead to a
>   sucessfull make.

Exactly!  The question is really why was it considered obsolete?

I cannot reproduce your failure.  I download 3.4.1, mkdir _build,
cd _build, ../configure, make MAKEINFO=false with success.  Same
thing if I build in place (no _build).

Can you still make this happen?  Maybe your doc/bison.help differs
for some reason.  Could you save doc/bison.help *before* running
make, and then diff between the initial one and the one you get?


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