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Re: bison 3.4.2 fails to handle large model

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: bison 3.4.2 fails to handle large model
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019 17:09:49 +0200

Hi Tom,

> Le 27 sept. 2019 à 23:13, Tom Kramer via Bug reports for Bison, the GNU 
> parser generator <address@hidden> a écrit :
> My request is: please enable bison to handle much larger state numbers. I am 
> guessing that all that is required is to change some numerical type from 16 
> bits to 32 bits, which should be very easy. But that's a guess and I realize 
> "should be very easy" is often a dream.

No. I agree with you, it should be easy :)  However, I don't want to just bump 
to 32 bits, for some of our user, space matters, so I'll have to make sure we 
generate parsers that use "the right size" for states.  As a matter of fact, 
that's already what we do for the constant tables: they use the "best" int 
type.  Stupidly enough, we did not do that for the variables storing state 
numbers...  Even more amazing is that you seem to be the first one to notice.

> I will be happy to send you more information, but I think a quick glance at 
> the dump data shown below is probably all that is required to understand the 
> problem. Since the problem occurs when yydebug is not set, I do not think the 
> problem is limited to printing the dump data.

Sure.  Could you please try this tarball, quick and dirty, just to make sure 
that it does address your problem?


Are you in a hurry?  In the sense of: do you need a release really soon, or can 
it wait for Bison 3.5 (which should be before 2020) and you can work with the 
git version meanwhile?


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