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Bison build fails on ARM dev board

From: Jeffrey Walton
Subject: Bison build fails on ARM dev board
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 04:38:05 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to build Bison 3.5.1 from sources on an ARM dev board. The
board does not have a lot of space, so I usually avoid building the
docs. In fact the doc tools like makeinfo or help2man are not

I'm invoking configure and make as follows because the doc tools are missing:

    ./configure \
        --prefix="/usr/local" \
        --with-libiconv-prefix="/usr/local" \
        --with-libintl-prefix="/usr/local" \


    make MAKEINFO=true HELP2MAN=true

It is resulting in:

    sed: can't read doc/bison.1.tmp: No such file or directory
    mv: cannot stat `doc/bison.1.tmp': No such file or directory
    gmake[2]: *** [doc/bison.1] Error 1

How do I proceed?

Thanks in advance.

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