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Re: Bison 3.5.92 on IRIX

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Bison 3.5.92 on IRIX
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 17:17:55 +0200
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There are a couple of GCC warnings on IRIX (CC="gcc -mabi=n32"):

../src/complain.c: In function `syntax_error':
../src/complain.c:612: warning: subscript has type `char'

You need to cast the 'isdigit' argument to 'unsigned char' first.
Alternatively, using c_isdigit from the gnulib module 'c-ctype' would fix this.

../src/fixits.c: In function `fixits_run':
../src/fixits.c:129: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break 
strict-aliasing rules

Modern C rules wants f to be a 'const void *'. Inside the loop body,
you can cast f to 'fixit const *' without danger.

../src/lalr.c: In function `goto_print':
../src/lalr.c:95: warning: long int format, goto_number arg (arg 3)


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