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CRT in generated parser

From: kovalex.pro
Subject: CRT in generated parser
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 18:55:31 +0300

Hi folks, I'm working on a tool that uses flex/bison and runs in rather
scarce environment thus needs C runtime substitution.

Tool employs reentrant scanner/parser. As far as I can see bison 3.0.4
(default on Ubuntu 18.04) and latest git version both

generates yypstate_new/yypstate_delete using straightforward calls to
malloc() and free(). Is it possible to override this?

I see YYMALLOC/YYFREE used in other parts of generated parser's code,
perhaps, they could be used in yypstate* routines as well?

Is there any best known method for substituting runtime in generated parser
code? (besides, SED-like search-replace).



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