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Re: Make perl & examples optional

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Make perl & examples optional
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 08:36:21 +0200

Hi Thomas,

> Le 12 sept. 2020 à 12:30, Akim Demaille <akim@lrde.epita.fr> a écrit :
> Hi Thomas,
> You have not answered this question:
>> Le 8 sept. 2020 à 07:46, Akim Demaille <akim@lrde.epita.fr> a écrit :
>> So let's go back to the real question: Thomas, what makes you think
>> Perl is needed?  What problem were you addressing?
> In spite of what Kaz seems to believe, Perl is not needed at all
> to build and check Bison.  Maybe in the past you, gemtoo maintainers,
> had to workaround some build problem that you understood as "Perl is
> required", but it was not meant to be.
> So please, just remove that patch.  And if you encounter a build error,
> please report it *as a bug*.  Because, well, Perl is not expected to
> be needed.


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