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Documentation bug

From: Gaurav Singh
Subject: Documentation bug
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2020 02:18:14 +0000 (UTC)

Hello Sir/Ma'am,This is Gaurav Singh, one of the many users of the Bison tool. 
Thanks a lot for creating such a good tool, for it has opened a lot of new 
doors to me.I've written this email in order to inform you about a bug located 
in the documentation of this project( or more precisely an incorrect term ). In 
this section, you have used the heading 'Explanation of expr' in order to 
explain about a grouping named expr, whereas the grammar that you have refer to 
(i.e. this one) does not contain any such grouping. But based on the term 
referred to in the content that lies within the above mentioned section, 
instead of expr it should have been exp in the heading. Although it's a minute 
mistake but still it may throw off a beginner like me off the tracks for a 
moment. Hence, if you could take care of it, then the documentation would 
become much more better for the future readers. With this, I would like to 
thank you again for creating such an awesome tool.
Hope to see the issue rectified soon.With regards,Gaurav Singh

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