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Re: Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning

From: Jot Dot
Subject: Re: Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 18:12:54 -0700 (MST)

Let me know if I'm finally quoting correctly. (Thanks to Christian for pointing 
it out) 

You mean recursive descent—Bison's parsers are pretty decent too. 

No, I meant it was just faster / easier / more fun to do my projects by hand. 
Recursive decent is intuitive when writing by hand. 
It's usually time constraints that kept me from diving into flex/bison. 
I'll make a friendly bet right now that flex/bison beats anything I ever did :) 


I would very much like to have your grammar, so that I can check if there is 
really a danger or not. It is super unlikely that there is, but I would 
appreciate to be able to have a closer look. If you prefer, you can send me 
your grammar privately, and I promise I won't publish it. 


I don't want to waste your time doing something I should be doing. 
As I add in more rules and error checking, I can debug and see if any values 
get out of range. 
If I see any issues with it, I can contact you regarding this. 

If you want it anyways, let me know. I can send it to you. 
I don't mind helping out if you want to pursue this further than just helping 
IMO that part does not sit well with me, and generally makes me nervous looking 
at that small portion of code. 
I understand the program is complex and this might have been something that 
could have been missed. 

I'd send it now but I'm doing some changes to it (trying to figure something 
out) and it's a mess with lots of errors in it. 


>> I don't understand either. You don't play with start conditions, do you? 



>> The only stuff is was I found on the web: 

> So that's why your scanner is not complete: you don't have a catch-clause for 
> these start conditions. 


Ok. That makes sense now.That's what I get for being lazy. I did more research 
about start conditions and fixed it. 
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 


>> Well, not totally true. A couple years back I tried ANTLR but it was way too 
>> bug-ridden to be of any use. 
> I find this hard to believe. ANTLR's reputation is solid. 


I wish I still had what I worked on to show you. I do understand. Me - a n00b 
at this vs antlr. 
FWIW: Look at it from my point of view: I'm just starting off with flex/bison.. 
finally more than just playing with it. 
In less than one week I found two issues. I couldn't believe it was anything 
more than my inexperience. 
Why? Adapting your own words: I find this hard to believe. Flex/Bison's 
reputation is solid. 
And that's not including the two bugs I had with Microsoft's products during my 
work with this. 

One of them (lots of code that I reduced to a very simple illustration): 
class A { public: int x; .... }; 
class B :public A { ... }; 
class C :public B { 
void someMethod() { 
x = 1; // x not found 
B:x = 1; // Works 

Crazy huh? 

Let me know if you still want that file. 

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