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Re: One failed self test on Alpine Linux

From: Jeffrey Walton
Subject: Re: One failed self test on Alpine Linux
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 01:34:43 -0500

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 1:11 AM Akim Demaille <akim@lrde.epita.fr> wrote:
>  ...
> Would you agree to try to same test with the current git version
> of Bison?  It's available here:
> https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/private/bison/bison-
> https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/private/bison/bison-
> https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/private/bison/bison-
> There is no known issue in this tarball, it's just as good as a release,
> except that it includes unfinished new features.
> Build it, and check it.  Test 263 in 3.7.4 is test 271 in this tarball.
> Once 271 failed, please run:
> ./src/bison -Tcex -Wcex ./tests/testsuite.dir/271/input.y >/tmp/271.log 2>&1
> Compress and please send /tmp/271.log.  It is probably very long,
> instead of sending it, maybe you can leave it somewhere on the
> Internet.

Yes, sure. Give me a few minutes.

If it matters, Alpine 3.10 is a Musl and BusyBox machine. Sometimes it
produces unexpected results because Rich is a little more strict about
following standards. For example, a memcpy(NULL, ....) will succeed
with Glibc but crash Musl because the standard does not allow a NULL
pointer there.


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