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quirks in parse-gram.y

From: 叶雨飞
Subject: quirks in parse-gram.y
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 22:18:26 -0400


I spent weekend hack together an IDEA plugin to support bison grammar files
) , and discovered some quirks , not sure if worth discussing here:

1. In “rules” , the bison grammar file shows that it accept ID_COLON
namedref_opt ‘:’ ,  ID_COLON is of course “Id” immediately follows by an
“:”,  my understanding is that this make namedref_opt useless because
otherwise means you can write “id:[name]:....” which doesn’t looks right to

2. The rules grammar indicate an ending “;” is actually optional. In fact,
the parse-gram.y missed two “;” in separate places.  However the doc is
pretty clear an “;” is expected.  Not sure which is intended .


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