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3.3 Grammar Rules Issues

From: slipbits
Subject: 3.3 Grammar Rules Issues
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2022 13:38:05 -0700
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You nowhere define the syntax and grammar of Bison in one place. It is very important that all syntax and grammar rules be defined, and equally important that definition be aggregated and complete, and put into an accessible location. The scatter-shot revelation of grammar and syntax should be avoided.

Additionally, conventional approaches to defining the syntax are nowhere present. This  provides a difficulty for users, who depend on knowing what is there and how to use it.

We all are critical and non-accepting of comments concerning our 'baby'. And we get angry. But I present these things as an interested 'editor', committed to the successful presentation of what is to be considered an outstanding piece of software. I hold my hat out to you all. Thanks.


1. You use ambiguous rules in your grammar. This is not BNF as
   developed by Backus (Fortran), Naur (Algol). See for example
   "Deterministic Parsing of Ambiguous Grammars" , Aho, Johnson, Ullman
   POP '73. You might as well mention that you use Extended BNF (EBNF)
   somewhere. Here would be an excellent place, but it should be
   mentioned in 1.1 Languages and Context-Free Grammars also.
2. You do not include the augmented  EBNF syntax and or grammar.
3. Define the metalanguage used to define Bison syntax and grammar.*
4. Include the syntax of a valid terminal (%token), non-terminal
   (%type, %ntype), and directive.
5. Include where whitespace can be used (blank, tab, etc.) and in what
   quantity, e.g., where one b;ank is used, many can be used.
6. Specify the format of line endings (VAX, Unix, DOS/Windows, etc.)
   and any limitations
7. Include bison delimiters, for  example {line ending, blank, %, :, }
   \', \"} , and where is is appropriate to use them.
8. Include the syntax for tags (see 3.6 Named References.
9. Include the syntax for Actions (3.4.6 Actions).
10. Include the syntax for directives, see for example, 3.7.2 Token Kind

I sincerely hope that you will look at this. If you would like me to write a document section for your review, please notify me.


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