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More cfengine patches (cfengine-1.6.0.a14)

From: Andrews, Martin
Subject: More cfengine patches (cfengine-1.6.0.a14)
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 13:44:53 -0500

More patches from my NT work with cfengine - while NT helped me unearth the
bugs the patches are mostly applicable to UNIX too.

        Fixes memory faults in calls to syslog() (wrong number of
arguments). Also changes it so informational messages are logged at the
syslog notice level (not the error level). Finally, enable syslog logging
for non-root users but disable it when in dry-run mode (okay so this last
one is a feature change slipped into a bug fix - so shoot me).

        Shuffle "-Lpub -l pub" to front of link command, otherwise I was
picking up the wrong (non-posix) regcomp under cygwin. Also, the regex code
in the pub directory would not be compiled if there a non-posix regcomp()
could be found by configure - changed the pub regex to check for regex.h
instead. Finally, error reporting for regcomp() was broken it was using
perror() instead of regerror() to get the error messages.

        Under cygwin a signal will not interrupt a blocked accept(), so cfd
would never perform autoexec commands under NT. This patch reworks cfd to
select() with a timeout instead of alarm signals. I think it also fixes some
problems with zombie processes.


Martin Andrews

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