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cfrun for cfengine-1.6.0 patch

From: Andrew Mayhew
Subject: cfrun for cfengine-1.6.0 patch
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 03:07:20 -0800
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I've added and modified some of the functionality of the cfrun
command.  Internally the command-line argument/cfrun.hosts file
processing section has been reordered so that command-line arguments
are processed first.  That just seemed more logical to me and allowed
me to add options `-h' to get usage help and `-f [filename]' to
specify a different cfrun file.

Externally some fairly big changes were made to the command line
structure. This was mostly done to clean up and make more readable the
cfrun command line.  The output from cfrun -h will probably explain
this better.

address@hidden bin]$ ./cfrun -h
Usage: cfrun [-f cfrun.hosts|-h|-d|-S|-v] [-- OPTIONS [-- CLASSES]]
-f cfrun.hosts  cfrun file to read in list of hosts (see below for syntax.)
-h              Get this help message.
-d              Debug mode, turns on verbose as well.
-S              Silent mode.
-v              Verbose mode.
-- OPTIONS      Arguments to be passed to host application.
-- CLASSES      Classes to be defined for the hosts.

cfrun.hosts file syntax:
# starts a comment
domain = [domain]       # Domain to use for connection(s).
maxchild = [num]        # Maximum number of children to spawn during run.
outputdir = [dir]       # Directory where to put host output files.
access = [user]         # User allowed to do cfrun?
[host]                  # One host per line list to cycle through.
                        # Only the hosts are required for cfrun to operate.

Since I have not found any documentation specific to cfrun everything
that I've documented above that was not additional was culled from the
original code.  If people would rather have the command line have the
old format, it would be trivial to make the code work like that and
still have the new -h and -f options. 

Anyway, I hope this is found to be useful.

--Andrew Mayhew <address@hidden>

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