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Re: filters and tidy (resend)

From: Robert Shaw
Subject: Re: filters and tidy (resend)
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 15:59:46 -0700

(OOOPS, forgot the attachment on the first one, this is a resend)


Well, that almost worked. It got rid of the "Illegal attribute" error on the tidy command, but it doesn't actually delete anything now when I have links present in the directory.

I've attached a test-case (stripped down from my original file) that exhibits the problem. Basically, I'm trying to make sure there are no links in a particular directory hierarchy (/etc/cfengine in this example). When I create links in the /etc/cfengine hierarchy that point to valid items, it just doesn't delete them with the code patch you gave me. Without the patch, the command dies and gives that "Illegal attribute" error.

Please let me know what you find out. I really need to get this problem fixed (or at least a viable work-around), as I want to run this type of check for many other directories that I don't want links to appear in.

Thanks for all your help on this!!!

At 4:32 PM +0100 1/6/2001, address@hidden wrote:
On  6 Jan, Robert Shaw wrote:

 I think I may have found a bug with the tidy action using filters. I
 tried the following:


  { badlinks
    Type: "link"
    Result: "Type"


  /mydir    pattern=* recurse=inf age=0 filter=badlinks

 Basically, I want to make sure no links exist in a particular
 directory. This seemed the logical way to do it. However, with the
 above code it complains about the tidy action having an "Invalid
 attribute specified on tidy action.".

 Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug. I'm running the following:

 Solaris 2.6
 cfengine 1.6.1

 Any ideas? If anyone knows a better way to achieve what I'm trying to
 do, please let me know.


You're right, this seems to have slipped through the net. Everything was
in place,except for the actual installation! :) Please replace the
following files in src of 1.6.1 and recompile. LEt me know if this
goes well.


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