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cfengine bug with NFS on HPUX ?

From: Jieming Wang
Subject: cfengine bug with NFS on HPUX ?
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:24:56 -0500

It seems that cfengine doesn't work well  with NFS filesystem on HPUX
(10.20/11.00).  Here is what I found:

cfengine suddenly stopped working after modifying some cfengine
configuration file.
But there is nothing wrong with  the configuration (for example the line
number that
it complains doesn't exist at all). Here is what I received when running
cf:nodename:/var/standalone/LBLD/cf.GROUPS:68: parse error
cf:nodename:/var/standalone/LBLD/all/cf.tidy:1: Warning: invalid
nodename:::Execution terminated after parsing due to errors in program

We umount the filesystem (/var/standalone) where all cfengine
configuraitons are
located, mount it back and it worked again (see below). This happened on
many (200+)
nodes running HPUX 10.20/11.00.

# umount /var/standalone
# mount /var/standalone
# /usr/local/cfengine/sbin/cfengine


Jieming Wang

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