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Question about 1.6.3 release...

From: Andrew Mayhew
Subject: Question about 1.6.3 release...
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:29:26 -0800
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I don't recall seeing this at any point, of course this might have
been fixed a while ago.  In older versions of the cfengine protocol,
files passed with a line leading with "Bad" would cause the transfer
to bomb out and all following transfers on that connection to fail
with a stat error.  Has this been fixed by now?  If it has then I will
finally have enough ammunition to get an upgrade of cfengine (from
1.5.3) on our production systems.

Just in case anyone wants a reminder on what the error thrown looks
cfengine:dca-spe-db01: Updating image /apps/sbin/named from master 
/master/production/solaris/apps/sbin/named on dca-master.logictier.net
cfengine:dca-spe-db01: 9,;
cfengine:dca-spe-db01: Protocol error in stat (shouldn't happen). Got 

Just curious.
--Andrew Mayhew

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