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Re: file copy not setting dynamic classes

From: benf
Subject: Re: file copy not setting dynamic classes
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 05:47:40 -0000
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Great, this was the fix. I left out of the post that
cfengine was properly auto detecting these 2 classes as installable classes,
and that adding them manually  to the installable class didn't help either.
So order of sections is evidentally still important!

thanks for the help,
edgar nielsen

John Valdes <address@hidden> wrote:
> Just a guess, but try listing your copy: section ahead of the
> shellcommands: section in your cfengine.conf file.  Also, I assume
> that "copy" is listed ahead of "shellcommands" in the actionsequence
> under the control: session.  Eg, try:

>   control:
>         actionsequence = 
>                 ( 
>                 copy
>                 shellcommands
>                 )
>   copy:
>         linux::
>                 /usr/local/src/dog
>                         dest=/usr/local/src/dog
>                         server=$(cf_server)
>                         action=fix
>                         define=dogday
>                         elsedefine=dogday2
>   shellcommands:
>         dogday::
>                 "/bin/echo > /tmp/newrpms"
>         dogday2::
>                 "/bin/echo > /tmp/nonewrpms"

> John

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