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dns error

From: Kevin Eberman
Subject: dns error
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 12:47:11 -0700

I often get the error below when updating clients via cfengine.  It is
an intermittent problem and without making changes to DNS (we are not
running NIS) it will work.  Any help would be appreciated.

bash-2.03$ cfrun -f /techops/config/cfengine/newHost -d
Domain name = kenamea.com
Appending [stage-ms.kenamea.com]
host item: stage-ms.kenamea.com ()
cfrun: calling stage-ms.kenamea.com - 0
pid = 12109 i = 0
Connecting to server stage-ms.kenamea.com with options  
Trying to connect to stage-ms.kenamea.com =, port h=5308
Identifying as i.e. gaia, with signature 0

stage-ms.kenamea.com replies..

cf:stage-ms:/etc/cfengine/cf.main:115: DNS lookup failure. Unknown host 
gethostbyname: : Error 0
Culprit: gaia
Make sure that fully qualified names can be looked up at your site!
i.e. prep.ai.mit.edu, not just prep. If you use NIS or /etc/hosts
make sure that the full form is registered too as an alias!


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