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A batch of bugs noticed

From: Andrew Stribblehill
Subject: A batch of bugs noticed
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 17:12:52 +0100
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I'm using cfengine 1.6.3, compiled from source on a pristine (well,
brand-new) RedHat 7.1 alpha.

I'm afraid I've not sat down and looked at the code in any depth but
I noticed a few problems, and would like some hints about where I
should start about fixing them.

The most obviously-buggy problem is in $(NETMASK). I know this is a
special variable, but that shouldn't stop me being able to read it as
a standard variable. For example,

  "/bin/echo $(NETMASK)"

will yield '$(NETMASK)' rather than expanding it.

Another bug is that actionsequence doesn't understand the
'miscmounts' action. I believe this is fixed in a 2.0 alpha but I'd
rather stick with a stable version for now. Can someone point out
where in the alpha series this changed so I can make up a patch for

Andrew Stribblehill
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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